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「走進時光隧道,一窺奧斯卡歷史」- A Brief History of the Oscars


The Oscars, where Hollywood's brightest stars come to shine at the most watched award ceremony in the world. But how did this mega show get its start? Find out in ABC News: A Brief History of the Oscars.
奧斯卡金像獎,好萊塢最閃亮的眾星在此閃耀,齊聚在全世界最多人收看的頒獎典禮上。不過這巨型盛事是怎麼開始的?跟著 ABC News《奧斯卡小歷史》探索答案。

It all began in 1929. The Roaring Twenties were coming to an end. Prohibition in full effect, and the country just a few months away from the Great Depression. Enter Louis B. Mayer, a prominent studio executive, who sought to unite the five branches of the film industry: actors, directors, producers, technicians, and writers. Mayer, who went on to co-found MGM Studios, saw added benefits to creating the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:
一切始於西元 1929 年。咆哮的二十年代步入尾聲。禁酒令全面施行,而這國家距離大蕭條只有幾個月的時間。此時路易‧ B‧ 梅耶登場,他是位富有聲望的電影公司高層,試圖團結電影業的五個分部:演員、導演、製片人、技術人員、編劇。梅耶後來和人創辦了米高梅電影公司,理解到開辦電影藝術與科學學院會帶來的附加好處:權力。

"I found the best way to handle filmmakers," he said, "was hanging medals all over them. If I got them cups and awards, they'd kill themselves to produce what I wanted."

And so, on May 16, 1929, 270 guests packed in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for the first Academy Awards. There was no radio or television broadcast. Tickets cost just five dollars, and everyone already knew who the winners were.
於是 1929 年 5 月 16 日,兩百七十名賓客為了第一屆奧斯卡金像獎湧入好萊塢羅斯福酒店。當時沒有收音機或電視轉播。典禮票價只要五美元,而且大家早就知道獎落誰家了。

The 15 statuettes given out that night were made of gold-plated britannium on a black metal base, each weighing in at 8.5 pounds. Designed by Cedric Gibbons, the art deco statue depicted a knight holding a crusader's sword, standing on a reel of film with five spokes representing the five branches of the film industry.
當晚頒發出的十五座塑像是由裝在黑色金屬底座、鍍金的不列顛合金所製成,每一座重量為 8.5 磅。由賽德里克‧吉本森所設計,這款裝飾藝術風格的雕像描繪一名手握十字軍長劍的騎士,佇立在有著代表電影業五大分部的五個圓軸的電影膠卷上。

No one knows exactly how the Oscar got its name. Some credit the Academy librarian, others, Bette Davis, even Walt Disney, who to this day holds the record for most Oscar wins.

The Awards quickly grew to become one of the premier events on the calendar. By 1942, they had become so popular the Academy was forced to host the ceremony in the massive Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Ever since then, the Awards have been hosted inside the theater.
奧斯卡金像獎很快地發展成行事曆上最重大的活動之一。到了 1942 年,奧斯卡頒獎典禮變得極為受歡迎,電影學院不得不在雄偉的好萊塢中國戲院舉辦典禮。從此以後,奧斯卡金像獎就一直在戲院中舉行了。

In 1953, the first televised broadcast of the Oscars aired, hosted by Bob Hope, who would go on to host 19 times. And the ceremony would continue to grow in attendance and viewership. By 1998, the Awards were being watched by 55 million people around the world. And by 2007, the ad price would skyrocket to 1.6 million dollars a spot.
1953 年,首場電視轉播的奧斯卡頒獎典禮播出,主持人為鮑伯‧霍伯,他會再主持十九次頒獎典禮。而奧斯卡頒獎典禮的參加人數及收看觀眾會持續增加。到了 1998 年,奧斯卡金像獎在全世界有五千五百萬人次收看。而到了 2007 年,廣告費驟升至每則插播廣告一百六十萬美金。

So, there it is. The Oscars went from being a small gathering of Hollywood elites to the largest, most watched award ceremony in the world—all thanks to one guy who just wanted a bit more power on the silver screen.




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