「新的一年,跟著比爾‧蓋茲一起讀好書」- Holiday Books 2016


I read a lot of great books in 2016. Here's a few that were especially interesting and you might wanna consider.
我在 2016 年讀了許多好書。這裡是一些特別有趣而且你們可能想要考慮的書。

String Theory by David Foster Wallace. You know, tennis is kind of amazing. There's interesting personalities and incredible play. The more you know about it, the more you are impressed by those people playing at the top level. It requires a lot of concentration. I loved him talking about his tennis career, and being slammed into the fence, and being a little bit modest about how he just, sort of, grinded it out. If you ever read one tennis book, this is probably the best.
David Foster Wallace 的《網球拍弦理論(暫譯)》。你知道,網球有點令人讚嘆。其中包含有意思的選手與精采的球賽。你了解越多,你就越會讚嘆那些在球界頂端的人。那需要極高的專注力。我喜愛他談論他自己的網球職涯,以及被逼到網球場邊圍籬的經驗,還有以謙虛的態度說自己付出。如果你要讀一本網球書,這本大概是最棒的一本。

Then a great company story, I would choose Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. It's a really well-written story about Nike. It's amazingly honest, and the company almost didn't succeed. It points out the unusual characteristics of the key people who helped the company succeed. I think there's tons of people who would find it an interesting story about how business really works and personnel management really works.
接著是一個很棒的公司故事,我會選擇 Phil Knight 的《跑出全世界的人:NIKE 創辦人菲爾・奈特夢想路上的勇氣與初心》。那是本關於 Nike 寫得很好的故事。它驚人地誠實,而且這個公司曾經瀕臨失敗邊緣。它指出那些幫助公司成功的關鍵人物擁有的獨特個性。我想許多人會發現它是個關於公司真正如何運作的有趣故事,以及人員管理運作的真實情況。

A political book, Myth of the Strong Leader, by Archie Brown. It's a really good book because it looks at styles of leadership. I think he's right that there's a big danger, both in the corporate world and government, about this individual who embodies all things and he's just doing it largely himself. Leaders who don't listen can get more and more isolated. Mandela in his own way was very collaborative, trying to draw people in. He understood that he was gonna step down, and so he wanted to build up the capacity for his successor.
一本政治書,Archie Brown 的《強大領袖的神話(暫譯)》。這是本非常好的書,因為它探討了不同的領導風格。我想他是正確的,在公司界及政府都存在著一大危機,便是有這麼一個人代表一切,且大多時候都自己完成事情。不願傾聽的領導者會變得越來越孤僻。曼德拉自己的風格是非常合作取向的,他試圖拉更多人進來。他知道自己有一天會卸任,因此他希望能為他的接班人培養能力。

A book called The Grid by Gretchen Bakke. She teaches us about the history of the grid, how it got built up piece by piece. She talks about how it's becoming critical not only for reliability, but to deal with these intermittent energy sources that are in very different locations than the actual uses of the power. So the grid's gonna have to be dramatically better in the future.
一本由 Gretchen Bakke 撰寫的《電網(暫譯)》。她教導我們供電網路的歷史,關於它如何被一步一步地建立起來。她描述到,電網不僅對電力穩定性變得重要,在處理間歇性能源方面也很關鍵,因為電力的來源可能和實際用電的地點相隔甚遠。所以電網在未來必須要有巨幅改善。

The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee. He did such a good job on the history. He really tells you what the gene is. There's three big domains that genetic technology helps, and one is plants, the other is livestock, and the third is humans. Some countries may be very liberal at letting parents edit genes related to beauty or intelligence. It'll get people up to the point where they can participate in that debate, which will be fairly intense over the next 10 or 20 years.
Siddhartha Mukherjee 的《基因:親密歷史(暫譯)》。他非常善於描述歷史。他確實地告訴你基因是甚麼。基因科技有助於三大領域,一是植物,另一個是牲畜,而第三是人類。有些國家可能對於讓父母編輯有關美貌或智慧的基因非常開明。這有天會走向全民皆可參與針對那的辯論,而這在未來的十或二十年會逐漸白熱化。

Loved reading these books, and I hope a few of them are books that you'll enjoy.





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