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「如何找到自己的興趣?」- How to Find a Hobby


Being productive is the best way to solve your problems in life. It's keeping your brain active and running, which leaves you no time to be unhappy and think about unimportant things. Hobbies are one of many ways to be more productive in life especially when you have trouble finding yourself. But finding a hobby doesn't have to be that complicated as well as finding yourself. It's important to be willing to take action and wanting to do it. As everything can be achieved step-by-step, the key way to find a hobby is also step-by-step.

So the first step would be determining whether you want to go solo or social. Do you feel more comfortable working within a group or by yourself? What motivates you more? This is the first way of creating a proper selection of hobbies that you can choose from, according to what might fit you the best. For example, some solo hobbies are chess, ballroom dancing, gardening, classic-car restoration, reading, or playing guitar, and so on. And social ones are all the way from sports to creating and building things within a group.

Then you need to think what feeling you're aiming for. Is it to relax, for the excitement, for pride or popularity? The feeling is important because beneath all other factors, the feeling is what keeps you in it in the long run. When the feeling is out, all other arguments start making no sense at all. Think well which feeling you're missing, and discover which hobbies could offer it. I find paintball and quad biking very exciting, while drawing and making jewelry relaxes me. And learning Adobe programs and creating things through them makes me proud for knowing more than yesterday.
接著你需要想一想你希望有什麼感受。是要放鬆、刺激、為了自尊還是人氣?感受是相當重要的,因為在其他要素的影響下,感受是讓你能長期堅持下去的關鍵。當感覺沒了,其他理由就開始一點意義都沒有了。好好想一想你少了哪一種感覺,並發掘哪一種興趣可以提供這種感覺。我覺得漆彈跟四輪摩托車很刺激,而畫畫跟製作珠寶讓我很放鬆。學習 Adobe 應用程式並用它們來做出東西,讓我因為比昨天知道得更多而感到驕傲。

Don't run away from criticism nor support. Show your work to others. Your loved ones will surely find it important, but online communities can be very supportive and helpful as well. They can help you evaluate and decide whether to continue or move on from something. Whenever I'm into any hobby, I join a Facebook group, where I share and talk with others about that hobby. It's not only another way of enjoying it and learning more but you discover completely different perspectives of a certain matter. Whatever it is, even solo hobbies, people can be a great boost or clarifier in your journey.
不要害怕批評或是支持。把你的作品展示給其他人看吧。愛你的人當然會覺得它很重要,但網路社群也可以給你許多支持與幫助。它們能幫你評估並決定是否要繼續,或是改換其他興趣。每當我喜歡上任何一種興趣,我就會加入一個 Facebook 社團,我在那裡可以跟他人分享並討論那個興趣。這不僅是另一種享受興趣並能學到更多的方式,你還可以發現在某件事物上截然不同的觀點。不論是什麼,就算是自己一個人從事的興趣,人們可以在你的旅途上擔任很棒的助力,或是成為讓你對事情看得更清楚的角色。

And finally, don't be afraid to change the hobby. Who knows? Maybe it lasts two days or two years, but don't ever be afraid of moving on. It's all about achieving goals. And if you achieved all goals you wanted within that hobby, move on and set more goals and find something else. That's not only okay to do but even recommended because you're enriching your spectrum of interest and knowledge. Always remember: Every man is the architect of his own fortune.

  • 「長期」- In The Long Run

    The feeling is important because beneath all other factors, the feeling is what keeps you in it in the long run.

  • 「有意義、有道理」- Make Sense

    When the feeling is out, all other arguments start making no sense at all.

  • 「害怕、逃避」- Run Away From

    Don't run away from criticism nor support.




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