「【心理測驗時間】十張圖片看出你的性格」- 10 Photos To Test Your Personality. What Do You See?


10 Photos to Test Your Personality

This image is an inkblot picture from the Rorschach test. The Rorschach test is one of the oldest techniques in psychology that serves for personality assessment. What do you first see? If you see a musical instrument, that apparently means you're in a positive mood. If you see a skeleton, that means you have a fear of sickness. An hourglass means a well-developed ego, and a fish or a crab means the fear of powerlessness to solve a problem.

What do you see? Do you see a duck, a rabbit, or both? Most see the duck first, but what does it mean? Well, if you're able to flip between both images, then it's said you're a creative person. The moment you flip between a duck and the rabbit induces a small flash of creative insight in the brain, meaning you see the world in a variety of ways.

This picture is called All Is Vanity. It's a famous picture from 1892, and many consider it to be one of the best illusions of all time. If you first notice the skull, it means you're a rebel, a person who freely thinks you're passionate and strong. If you first notice the woman looking in the mirror, you are said to be proud and have the soul of a romantic person and you're a dreamer; yet you sometimes may suffer from lack of confidence.
這張圖叫〈一切皆是虛幻〉。這是 1892 年的一幅知名畫作,許多人認為它是史上最出色的錯覺之一。如果你先注意到骷髏頭,那代表你是個反抗者,一個自由奔放思考,認為自己充滿熱情和力量的人。如果你先注意到照鏡子的女人,人們認為你自尊心強,擁有羅曼蒂克者的靈魂,而且是個夢想家;然而你有時候可能會受缺乏自信心困擾。

Do you see the back of a girl or an old man's face? The way you interpret this photo says quite a lot about your personality. If you first notice the girl's back, then you are optimistic and full of positive energy. If you first notice the man's face, then you have strong leadership skills and you're loyal.

Focus on this picture and try answer my next question as quick as possible. Which stairs would you use to go up? And which stairs would you use to go down? Most people answer that it's the left stairs to go down and the right to go up, but truth is there's no correct answer. Your answer is usually influenced by where you're from. If you're from somewhere where you read from left to right, then you will most probably have chosen the left stairs to go down. Those who read from right to left tend to give the opposite answer.

Hidden in this picture is a man. I'm gonna give you some time to try and find him. If you found the man in three seconds or less, then it's said the right side of your brain is highly developed.

Which way is this image rotating? If you see the girl rotating clockwise, then you are currently using the right hemisphere of your brain, and vice versa. The right hemisphere represents people with artistic flair. The left hemisphere is linked to rationalism and organized thinking. If you can see both directions of rotation, then it's said you likely have a very high IQ.

Studies have shown that children cannot see the lovers in this image, because they don't have such images in their memory and instead see nine dolphins. If you see the lovers and the dolphins, it's said you have a creative mind.

This is another image from the Rorschach test. What do you see? The most popular answer is a bat, and that's typical from a healthy person, but it doesn't really have any meaning. If you see an elephant, then it's said that you're insecure. If you see a bird, then according to the test, you need to emotionally mature before you're ready for a relationship.

Another from the Rorschach test—what do you see? The most popular answer is, again, a bat. But that's normal and it doesn't really mean anything. If you see an alligator, it means you have mixed feelings towards a parent. If you see a swan, you're in a good mood.

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