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「【果迷們照過來!】全新 iPhone X 廣告」- Apple: Introducing iPhone X


For more than a decade, our intention has been to create an iPhone that is all display—a physical object that disappears into the experience.
十多年來,我們的願景一直是打造出一款全螢幕的 iPhone--讓你醉心其中,忘卻實體螢幕的存在。

This is iPhone X.
這是 iPhone X。

Developing the phone and display together defines a whole new integration, making the boundary between the device and the screen hard to discern. The custom OLED panel was engineered to fold and seamlessly combine with the external surfaces. Mechanical buttons give way to touch and gestures. There's no home button. A single swipe takes you to the home screen. A more responsive touch system means the gestures in iOS 11 are more fluid.
將手機與螢幕整合為「一體成型」下了全新注解,讓裝置和螢幕間的界線變得難以區隔。客製化 OLED 面板做成曲面設計,並和外殼融為一體。機械式按鈕由觸控及手勢取代。Home 鍵消失。只要一個滑動就能帶你到主畫面。反應更靈敏的觸控系統意味著 iOS 11 的手勢操作更為順暢。

The polished stainless steel band reinforces the water-resistant, all-glass design. This new glass formulation, the most durable ever in a smartphone, enables, for the first time, wireless charging.

Our new TrueDepth camera system, contained within this tiny space, uses extraordinary depth-sensing technology to let you unlock your phone with a glance. We call this Face ID. It maps the unique geometry of your face with over 30,000 invisible dots. This data is analyzed by the neural engine on the A11 Bionic chip, the first of its kind. Your iPhone now recognizes you, even in the dark, and will adapt to your physical changes. This makes your face your secure password. So with just a look, you can authenticate your phone or use Apple Pay.
在這小小的空間裡,我們的全新 TrueDepth 相機系統,利用卓越的深度感測科技讓你看一眼就能替手機解鎖。我們稱這項功能 Face ID。它透過超過三萬個不可見的點描繪出你臉部獨特的幾何結構圖。這項數據會由 A11 Bionic 晶片上搭載的神經元引擎做分析,A11 Bionic 晶片是前所未見的強大晶片。你的 iPhone 現在即使在黑暗中也能認出你,而且還會適應你外貌上的變化。這讓你的臉就是你的安全密碼。因此只要看一眼,你就可以認證這是你的手機或使用 Apple Pay。

The TrueDepth camera also enables new experiences, like bringing emojis to life by mapping more than 50 facial muscles in real time. So you can be happy or sad or cross.
TrueDepth 相機也帶來嶄新的體驗,像是讓表情符號活過來,這靠的是即時分析臉上超過五十條的肌肉。所以你可以表現出開心或是難過或是生氣。

Both the front- and rear-facing cameras now have Portrait Mode. And for the first time, you can actually define the light in the scene. Based on fundamental photographic principles, Portrait Lighting produces the effect of real studio lighting.

On the back, the dual-camera system is completely redesigned. It's made even smarter by the A11 Bionic chip. With machine learning, the camera detects elements in the scene to optimize the image before the photo is even taken. The camera we use every day now delivers so much more. And as iOS becomes the world's largest platform for augmented reality, it will redefine what's possible.
後置雙鏡頭系統全面重新打造。A11 Bionic 晶片讓相機變得更智慧。透過機器學習,相機甚至在照片拍下前就會偵測到場景中的元素,並進一步優化影像。我們日常生活中使用的相機現在能做到更多事。隨著 iOS 系統成為全球最大的擴增實境平台,它將重新定義所有可能性。

This is iPhone X.
這就是 iPhone X。

  • 「被...取代」- Give Way To

    Mechanical buttons give way to touch and gestures.

  • 「使某事物生動起來」- Bring Something To Life

    The TrueDepth camera also enables new experiences, like bringing emojis to life by mapping more than 50 facial muscles in real time.
    TrueDepth 相機也帶來嶄新的體驗,像是讓表情符號活過來,這靠的是即時分析臉上超過五十條的肌肉。




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