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「Caine的遊樂場」- Caine's Arcade


My name is Caine. I'm nine years old. My arcade is called Caine's Arcade. It's open on weekends only. And it's really cheap!
我的名字叫Caine。我今年9歲。我的遊樂場叫「Caine的遊樂場」。 只在週末營業。而且收費真的很便宜。

Caine does not pass by an arcade without stopping in. He loves tickets, playing games. He loves prizes. So it was only natural for him to build his own arcade. He loves to see how things are built. He takes all his toys apart to see how they work. He can't put them back together, but he takes them apart. Caine spent summer vacation coming to work with me. We sell auto parts in East LA.
Caine每經過一家遊樂場一定會進去看看。他熱愛那些兌換券和玩遊戲。他喜歡獎品。所以對他來說, 建造一個屬於自己的遊樂場是再自然也不過了。他喜歡研究一樣東西是如何組成的。他將所有的玩具拆解,看他們是如何運作。他沒辦法將那些玩具重組回去,但他卻把他們拆開。Caine在暑假的時候跟我一起工作。我們在東洛衫磯賣汽車零件。

My dad has a lot of boxes back there. We ship parts out. So I cut them up and make my arcade games out of it. The first game I made, the basketball hoop I got at Shakey's Pizza...and it's really cool.
我爸爸在店後面有很多空盒子。我們將汽車零件賣出。於是我裁切那些空盒子,然後用來製作我的遊樂場遊戲機。這是我第一個製作的遊戲機,這個籃框是我從Shakey's 披薩得到的...而且這真的很酷。

He taped it on to a box, and he was offering people chances to play for like a nickel. He started from that little game, and little by little they started getting fancier and fancier. And eventually it took over the whole store.

I met Caine randomly. I had to get a door handle for my '96 Corolla, so I pulled into this used auto parts store. And I just came across this elaborate cardboard arcade. I asked him how much it was to play. He was like, "For one dollar you get four turns, but for two dollars you get a Fun Pass." "Well, how many turns you get with a Fun Pass?" "You get five hundred turns with your Fun Pass." I got a Fun Pass.

I made this Fun Pass expire in one month, and you get five hundred plays on any of these games, a great deal. I started making my office. It has like a speaker. On the other side I can talk through. I got tokens, my business card, Fun Passes and prizes. First prizes: I used my own toys, like the cars. Those are my own toys. I used to like Hot Wheels when I was little.
我把歡樂暢遊券的有效期限定為一個月,而你有五百次機會玩任何這些遊戲--非常划算。我開始設立我的辦公室。有個像是對講機的東西。我在另一邊時可以通話。 我有代幣、我的名片、歡樂暢遊券和獎品。頭獎:我用的是自己的玩具,像是玩具車。那些都是我自己的玩具。我小時候喜歡Hot Wheels的車子。

I worked from the back office, and it kept him out of my hair all summer. He would work on the arcade. I'd work on eBay.

The next game I built was a soccer game. First of all, it did have no goalies. People said it was too easy. So I bought army goalies. They were like blockers. I tell them, "Is it easy now?" It's pretty hard. So you get two tickets if you make it in here. I'll give it a four star, hard game, challenging game...four star!

One day, Caine tells me, "Dad, I wanna buy a claw machine." I said, "Why don't you just build it?" So he's got an S hook, put a piece of yarn on it and then put a little track on top of the box. And I said, "What the heck? He figured out how to make a claw machine with a string and a hook."
有一天,Caine 跟我說:「爸,我想買一個夾娃娃機。」我說:「你何不自己做呢?」所以他拿了一個S形鉤子,綁了一條紗線在上面,接著在紙箱上弄了條小軌道。然後我說:「怎麼會這樣? 他竟然想出了如何用一條線和鉤子做出夾娃娃機的辦法。」

Here're some sunglasses. These are the glasses I like the most: star sunglasses.

He bought calculators to put on every arcade game. And I was like, "What's that for?"

The calculators are here for security to see if it's a real Fun Pass or not. On the back, the Fun Pass has a security number. So when you go here, you have to turn it on and put the pin number in it. And you push the check mark button, and the big number comes out. And that's how you know it's a real Fun Pass!

My dad started the business from 1955. We have used auto parts. Most of our business has gone online, because we really don't get the walk-up traffic like we used to. So Caine's chance of getting one customer is pretty hard. Caine's always waiting in the front, sitting on his little chair and trying to convince people to play. But not too much luck. "Caine's Arcade! Grand Opening!"
我父親從1955年開始創辦了這事業。我們有二手汽車零件。我們多數的生意己經轉型為網路化經營,因為我們的確失去了像以前一樣的逛街人潮。因此Caine得到一個顧客的機會是很困難的。Caine 總是在前面等待顧客到來,坐在他的小椅子上,然後試著說服人們來玩。但還是乏人問津。「Caine的遊樂場!隆重開幕!」

But he never gets discouraged. He's always sweeping up and dusting off the games, waiting for customers. He only wears his shirt on Saturdays and Sundays when he comes to open up his arcade. And he's really proud of his shirt because he thought it out, and he designed it.

When Caine got back to school from vacation, he started telling everybody that he had an arcade. And nobody believed him. So he won't wear his shirt to school, because he's afraid that kids might tease him about it. You know, he told them, "Hey, I've got my own arcade!" And they're like, "Yeah, yeah. Sure."

When one day, my secretary comes running into the office, "George, you'll never believe it. Somebody's playing Caine's arcade." And I was going, "No way!" So I was looking through the security camera, watching them.
於是我透過監視器,看著他們。當有一天,我的秘書跑來我的辦公室說:「George,你絶對不會相信。有人在玩Caine的遊戲機。」 然後我說:「不會吧!」

I'm playing like miniature soccer, miniature basketball. And then when you score a point, he would crawl into the box, and he pulls out these little tickets out on the side of the cardboard. Like real arcade games, tickets come from the bottom. And I was like, "This kid's a genius."

Nirvan came back one day when Caine wasn't here, and he told me, "You mind if I make a short film about Caine's Arcade?" And I said, "Well, actually. It's kind of like a little joke around here, because you're his only customer." I was blown away, "Caine's only sold one Fun Pass?" Like the Fun Pass is an awesome deal. So Nirvan said, "Well, what if I can get him a couple of customers?" And I said, "That will make his day. If you can get him one customer, he'll be happy."
有一天Nirvan回到遊樂場,當時Caine不在,然後他跟我說:「你介不介意我做個關於Caine的遊樂場的短片呢?」我說:「嗯,其實,這遊樂場在附近有點像是個小玩笑,因為你是他唯一的顧客。」我當時真的很驚訝:「Caine只賣出一張歡樂暢遊券?」 歡樂暢遊券實在是很划算。所以Nirvan說:「好吧,如果我可以幫他找幾個顧客呢?」我說:「他會開心一整天。如果你可以帶一個顧客過來,他就會很開心。」

And at that point, we hashed a plan to invite everybody in LA to come play at Caine's Arcade. The idea was to do a surprise flashmob of Caine's Arcade on Sunday afternoon. I was like, "Who's gonna come down to a junk yard, Sunday afternoon in Easy LA?" "Who's really gonna show up?" So then I made a little facebook event which a friend posted on HiddenLA, which has over two hundred and thirty thousand fans. And all of a sudden, it just started going viral.

Nirvan put it on the internet. And all of a sudden, within an hour we had NBC News here. Then it hit the front page of Reddit, which is like being on the front page of the internet. I started reading the comments, "I wish I could be there. I live in New York." "I wish I can be there. I live in Europe." And then I was going, "Wow, it was getting big."

The plan is I'm gonna take Caine to Shakey's Pizza. We'll play some arcade games. We're gonna eat lunch while Nirvan sets up a big surprise party. Caine has no idea what we're doing, and when we get back, he's got the biggest surprise of his life. And the idea is just to get as many people as we can to come out to Caine's Arcade, and just make his day. Caine's dying to have one customer show up to his arcade. So Caine's gonna be the most surprised little boy in the whole wide world.
計劃是,我要先帶Caine去Shakey's 披薩店。然後我們會玩一些遊戲機。我們要吃午餐,而Nirvan會準備好一場大型驚喜派對。Caine完全不知道我們在做什麼,當我們回去時,他會得到一生中最大的驚喜。我們的想法只是要竭盡所能的讓許多人來Caine的遊樂場,讓他可以開心一整天。Caine極度想要有個顧客光臨他的遊樂場。所以Caine會是世界上最驚喜的小男生。

Hey, we're ready. In about a minute, he's gonna arrive here. Hey Caine, can we go home early today? We have no customers today. No! No? Come on! Dad's tired. No can do! No can do?
嘿,我們準備好了。 大概再過一分鐘,他就會抵達這裡。嘿,Caine,我們今天可以早點回家嗎?我們今天都沒顧客上門。不要!不要啊?好啦!爸爸累了。不可以!不可以哦?

We're back, Caine. Wow! What's going on over here? Haha... Huh? We've finally got some customers here. We came to play! We came to play! We came to play! We came to play!
我們到囉,Caine。哇!那裡是發生什麼事了? 哈哈...嗯?我們終於有些顧客上門了。我們要來玩!我們要來玩!我們要來玩!我們要來玩!

Hi everybody, this is Caine. Hi, Caine! Caine, this is everybody. All these people came here to play your arcade. Did you know they are coming? No! Are you ready to run your arcade? Yeah! Alright, what you guys come here to do? We came to play! Good. Welcome to Caine's Arcade then.
大家好,這是Caine。Caine,你好!Caine,這是大夥兒。這些人都來這裡玩你的遊戲。你知道他們要來嗎?不知道!你的遊樂場準備好要營業了嗎?是的!好的,你們大家來這裡的目的是什麼呢?我們是來玩的!太好了。 那麼歡迎來到Caine的遊樂場。

Well, "C" could be for Cardboard, and the "A" could be for Arcade.
But the "A" could also be for Auto Parts, because it's his Pop's shop's where it's made.
And the "I" is gotta be for Imagination of which this kid's got a lot.
And the "N" ought to be for Noggin where the ideas first got thought.
But then the "E", (Oh yes the "E"!) Oh yes the "E", (Oh yes the "E"!)
但再來是「E」,(哦對,是「E」!) 哦對,是「E」,(哦對,是「E」!)
Well, the "E" is gotta be for Everybody! (That's you and me!)
Because Everybody is who's invited to come on down to play.
If you've got the pluck to try your luck, come on down to Caine's Arcade.
Oh Caine's Arcade, (Caine's Arcade!) Oh Caine's Arcade. (Caine's Arcade!)
It's the best cardboard arcade ever been made. (Ever made!)
Grab yourself a Fun Pass and y'all come on down to play.
If you've got the pluck to try your luck, come on down to Caine's Arcade.

First of all, I wanna know how you got all these people. Are those your friends? So I came back and I was like, "Is this real life, or was I just dreaming?" So I came out and there were real people like...in real life...like they were really playing the games. And then when I was coming back, I saw a lot of people, and I was like, "I don't know." It's probably like a little parade around here somewhere. They're all saying they were all like that, when I was right here. I was... So I thought they were cheering for me. And they were. And I was proud.




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