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「造訪克羅埃西亞美麗的首都:札格瑞布」- Lonely Planet: The Best European Destination to Travel to in 2017


Lonely Planet

Best in Europe

I'm Anna Tyler, Lonely Planet's destination editor for Southern Europe. Every year, Lonely Planet picks out the 10 best destinations to visit in Europe that year. And this year, Zagreb is the No. 1 destination.
我是 Anna Tyler,孤獨星球的南歐景點編輯。每年孤獨星球都會選出當年歐洲最值得推薦的十個景點。而今年,札格瑞布榮登第一。

Most people who visit Croatia go to the coast. There's a lot of amazing cities, beaches, islands that everyone's flooding to at the moment, but Croatia's got a lot more to offer than just the coast. There's been a lot of really exciting stuff going on in Zagreb in the past year. A new airport terminal was opened, and that means there's gonna be a lot more flights to the city available.

Zagreb has developed an amazing Christmas-market scene. It's actually been voted Europe's best Christmas market for the last two years running.

The best place to start a visit to Zagreb is in the Old Town, and that's where all the most historic buildings in the city are. There's a square called St. Mark's Square, with a St. Mark's church in the middle. Zagreb has an amazing cultural scene. There's a lot of street art in the city. If you start to look for it, you'll see it everywhere. It's on the sides of buildings; even in the Old Town, there's street art in some of the most prominent squares and buildings.

There's a huge number of museums, and one of most interesting is one of the newest museums, which is the Museum of Broken Relationships. This museum was created by two artists. They decided to try and collect together mementoes that people had from relationships that had gone bad. You walk in, and you just see ordinary, everyday items. The interesting thing is the story behind it, from something quite profound to something that's really just funny.

One of the best foodie experiences is to visit Dolac market. The great thing is that the fruit-and-veg market is out in the open air in a square that's got beautiful views of the cathedral.

It's a great city for nightlife. There are lots of really, really great bars. The craft-beer scene is really growing in the city, and it's one of the cheapest places in Europe to try really great craft beer that's been made locally. If you're not a beer drinker, it's got a great new scene growing up of cocktail bars. You can get some really incredible, creative, delicious cocktails made by some world-class bartenders.

It's a perfect weekend-break destination; it's very easy to pack in all the cities, most important sites, and experiences. For a European capital city, it's a real undiscovered gem. It's really easy to just wander off down a street and find something of your own. It's a totally different side of Croatia to discover.

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    There's a lot of amazing cities, beaches, islands that everyone's flooding to at the moment, but Croatia's got a lot more to offer than just the coast.




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