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「全身痠痛的上班族們,照過來!」- If You Sit at an Office, You Should Watch This Video


Throughout history, humans spent most of their time moving about, but now, more and more, we find ourselves sitting, which is not necessarily a good thing. Today, office workers spend hours slouched over and hunched into chairs, moving minimally. Even after finishing work, we continue our everyday lives on the couch—that is, if we're even able to continue it on at all.

Despite the spinal, body weight-related, and cardiovascular problems caused by unhealthy postures, it's been shown that people with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease as people with standing jobs. In fact, a recent medical journal study showed that people who sit for most of their day are 54 percent more likely to die of a heart attack.

Even if you dedicate a lot of time to staying fit, the time you spend sitting is still far greater than what's healthy for your body. Even one hour of daily sports can't compensate for 11-hour sitting sprees. So, what can you do? Paying attention to your posture is the real key to a healthier life in the office. But, be careful—not all sitting solutions are equal. Forcing your spine into a rigid, upright position in just any old chair creates more stress on your vertebrae. It's important to know some basics about good sitting posture before you adjust yourself.
就算你投入很多時間維持健康,你花在坐著的時間,仍比花在對你身體有益的事物上的時間多許多。即使每天運動一小時也無法抵銷 11 小時的瘋狂久坐。那,你可以怎麼辦呢?留意你的姿勢是在辦公室內過得更健康的關鍵。不過,要小心--不是所有坐姿改善辦法都能解決問題。在任意一張舊椅子上強迫你的脊椎呈硬挺、筆直的姿勢,會對你的脊椎骨造成更多壓力。在你調整自己姿勢前,知道一些關於良好坐姿的基本概念是很重要的。

First, you should consider what type of chair you're sitting on. If you choose passive sitting with back support, then make sure your feet are comfortably resting. Try not to cross your legs. That can restrict circulation. And don't lean far forward or backward. That can crimp your nerves and restrict blood flow. Even rocking back and forth in your chair can help, and recent research has shown that this minor act of balancing boosts your ability to concentrate. Or consider an active sitting alternative, where your body's doing more of the work. Just two hours a day of active sitting has health benefits such as improved core strength and burning calories.

To get yourself into better shape at the office, you'll need to interrupt your sitting at least once every 30 minutes. You don't even have to do gym exercises to get moving. Get up and do some simple lunges, calf raises, and shoulder shrugs to loosen up your joints, relieve tension, and stretch your muscles.

Take advantage of every chance you have to move your body. One day, what we think of work will be completely different, and the workplace may well be a far more ergonomic and active place for your body. But until then, you can promote your well-being and boost your energy levels by simply paying more attention to your body during the workday.




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