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「科學大哉問:為什麼貓咪都喜歡躲進箱子呢?」- Why Do Cats Love Boxes?


QQs: Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

If you have a cat, or have ever spent much time on the Internet, you know that cats like to sit in boxes, or any other small container. Adorable, no?

If it fits, they sits. But have you ever wondered why they do this? Well, for one, it helps their anxiety. I know, considering they sleep 12 hours a day, they don't really seem like anxious animals. But cats experience stress like any other mammal. And when they're sitting in a box, cats feel like they're in a protected place where they can observe and hunt without worrying about being attacked. This makes sense since cats are ambush predators, meaning they're always looking to surprise their next target.

To better understand how boxes help cats calm down, one study published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science observed a group of cats that had just arrived at a new animal shelter. New environments can be difficult for cats, so stress levels were pretty high. And scientists were able to rank the cat's anxiety by looking at factors like their activity levels, and their ear and tail positions. This system is known as the "Kessler and Turner Cat-Stress-Score."
為了更了解箱子如何幫助貓咪冷靜下來,一篇發表在《應用動物行為科學》期刊的研究,觀察了一群剛抵達一間新動物收容所的貓咪。新環境對貓咪來說會很難熬,所以壓力水準挺高的。且科學家能分級貓咪的焦慮感,藉由觀察一些因素,像是牠們的活動程度,以及牠們耳朵和尾巴的位置。這個系統被稱作「CSS 憂鬱值」。

Now, when some of the cats were given boxes to hide in, their stress levels went way down in only three days, and the effect was observed in nearly all of the animals with boxes. For comparison, the cats who didn't get boxes eventually reached the same low level of stress, but it took them two weeks. So, especially in high-stress situations, it's important for cats to have an enclosed space to retreat to and feel protected. This is also true of large cats, like tigers and jaguars, except instead of hiding in your latest Amazon box, they'll hide in trees, caves, or other concealed spaces.

But there's another reason cats like boxes so much: Apparently, our houses are too cold. While you might enjoy a comfortable 24 degrees Celsius, cats prefer much warmer temperatures, between a 30 and 36 degrees, according to a study by the National Research Council. By curling up in a cardboard box, cats can trap some of their body heat to make up a few of those degrees. That's also why cats like basking in sunlight or curling up on top of your heating vent. So if you have a kitty at home, and you wanna keep cat stress at bay, just make sure they have a nice cozy box to sits in.

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