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「我家的貓咪不抓家具」- How to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture


Hi, I'm the owner of Shorty and Kodi. And like all cat owners, I don't want them to scratch the furniture. The experts suggest covering your things in tin foil, double-sided tape or scent they don't like. I don't know about you, but my cats really like foil; double-sided tape didn't protect these leather chairs and weird scents only make them more curious.

So here are my four simple tips to get your cat to stop scratching your furniture.

One: Buy a scratch pad. These are made of a corrugated cardboard or sisal carpet that have a rough feel, and cats love it. I mean, really love it. Do they put catnip in these things or what? Have one or two in the main living areas of your... Shorty! She's a bit possessive. Anyway, have one or two in the main living areas of your home or where your cats like to scratch.

Two: Tell them, "No!" When your cats scratch the furniture, tell them firmly, "No," and then bring them immediately to the scratch pad, all the while telling them what a good wittle kitty cat they are. Yes, he is!

Three: Give them property. Cats need a place to call their own in the main living area. If you tell them no when they're on every piece of furniture, your cat will ignore you and just scratch everywhere. Shorty had a chair growing up that was all her own but soon graduated to a cat tree, which she learned, eventually, to share with Kodi. Avoid small scratching posts and flimsy cat trees, and invest in something sturdy that the cats can trust, and that will last. Add treats or catnips. Your cat knows it's a good place to be.

Four: Love your cat. Cats are complex and sensitive animals, and may misbehave out of anxiety if they don't feel safe and secure. They're more likely to listen to you if you treat them with love, respect, and catnip.

While your cats are learning, here's how you can minimize the damage to your belongings: Trim their claws. The reality is: Cats' claws come out when they run and play, so trimming the tips of the claws will help prevent those accidental claw marks. But even then, buy furniture where small claw marks aren't noticeable. In other words, leather is out. In the meantime, you may wanna cover up important items until your cats have learned the rules. Some people have had great success with Soft Paws, which are easy to apply claw coverings.
當你的貓還在學習時,以下是你可以如何將對物品的傷害降到最小:修剪牠們的爪子。事實是:貓咪的爪子在跑和玩的時候會冒出來,所以修剪爪尖會幫助避免這些意外的爪痕。但即使這樣,還是要買小爪痕不顯眼的家具。換句話說,皮製家具出局了。同時,你可能會想蓋住重要物品直到你的貓咪學會規矩。有些人用Soft Paws(犬貓用指甲套)用得很成功,這能輕鬆的在爪子上套上覆蓋物。

And of course, never consider declawing your cat. As declawing is actually amputation of the first toe knuckle, which makes it very hard for cats to balance, walk and play, and may lead to problems such as biting, not using the litter box and antisocial or aggressive behavior. But declawing is a multi-billion dollar business for veterinarians in North America. So change has to start with us owners. And with more awareness, perhaps we can join the growing list of places around the world, where declawing is illegal or severely restricted.

But trust me, if I can get these two crazy cats to behave and not tearing my furniture to pieces, then you can, too.

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