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「美國人的雙語教學」- Bilingual Education


Kids here are receiving an international immersion education totally immersed in Chinese, Japanese or Spanish. So will this be a good fit for your child? Let's find out.

When I heard about the school, I realized this is the best time to learn Spanish, and what a great gift to give my kids. There's a warmth in Mexican Culture. There's a warmth in Puerto Rican culture. And that I think is really special. I'm drawn to that. And I loved that my kids are immersed in that kind of culture. I did have that feeling driving away like, "Did I tell them about that part, about that it's all gonna be in Spanish, and that they won't understand probably most of it the first day?" Like, "Did I fill them in on that part of the school?"

When they come to be with us, they are being part of different cultures. So they get immersed not just in the language, but in the culture that each teacher represents. You don't just teach the language. You know, you teach them your culture. And that's what I think is so wonderful about this kind of education. It's your learning language in the normal context of your everyday life. But that optimal window for learning languages is age three to eleven, and so that's the gift that I'm trying to give my kids by sending them here. So take advantage of that window of time.

Yeah. Have they surpassed you in their Spanish ability yet? Of course! Of course they have. It was a little humbling, first time my four-year-old corrected my Spanish. He said no. "No, it's Siethe." I said, "Yes, Siethe." "No..." And I could just see in his little...like, "You just...you've almost got it, but not quite, mom."

There's a subtle difference between "learning about other cultures so that you could appreciate diversity," and "learning in a culturally diverse environment. You have to be prepared to be very involved." So every family commits twenty-five hours of volunteer effort here a year. And most families surpass that three and four fold. The intangible benefit that is so hard to articulate. Every parent wants their child to be prepared for school and for work and to be citizen to be out there in the world. Rather than just surviving in that world, I think they are gonna thrive in that world.
在「學習其他的文化以讓你欣賞彼此的不同」和「在多樣文化下的環境中學習 - 你必須準備好置身其中」之間有很微妙的差別。所以每個家庭每年在此投入二十五小時志工服務。而且大部分的家庭會超過這個服務量的三、四倍。那無形的利益很難去說清楚的。每個父母都想要他們的孩子為上學和工作準備好,並成為世界公民。我認為他們將會蓬勃發展,而不僅僅是苟活於世。

Well, what an exciting place to learn and you know I have a six and an eight-year-old. And ... Having seen all this, it makes me think that I...perhaps should have given more thought to the option of immersion education a little earlier. Hopefully for you, it's not too late. I'm Tony Martinez. Thanks for watching.
恩,多麼令人興奮的學習場所,你知道我有個六歲和一個八歲的孩子。而且...看到這所有的一切,它使我想起,我...也許應該更早好好思考融入式教育的選擇。希望對你來說,它還不會太晚。我是Tony Martinez。謝謝收看。




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