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「1、2、3 好照片就要這樣拍!」- How to Take Good Instagram Photos


Hi, guys! It's Aimee from the blog, Song of Style. I know it's been a while, so I thought it was time for another video. In this video, I'll be sharing some of my favorite Instagram tips. Y'all ready? Check it out!
嗨,大家!這是 Song of Style 部落格的 Aimee。我知道已經過一段時間了,所以我想是時候分享另一部影片了。在這部影片,我會分享一些我最喜歡的 Instagram 拍照訣竅。妳們都準備好了嗎?照過來!

I try to start every day with a coffee or cappuccino. When taking photos like this, I prefer a bird's eye view. And since the coffee itself can be a bit boring, I like to incorporate not only my armswag but also my clutch and sunglasses to make the shot more interesting. Keep in mind that natural lighting is always best.

Multiple detailed shots are a must, and shoes usually come next! Try to sit down and stick your legs out so you can clearly see your shoes. And make sure you got that pedicure done! If you're going for a standing shot, just stick your butt out.

A full outfit shot usually happens at some point during the day. First, try to find a nice backdrop for your outfit. Oftentimes, you'll be alone, so you may have to ask someone for help. Whether it be a stranger or a friend, always direct them. Have them stand where you want them to, kneel down, angle the camera slightly up, take your position, then have them snap away. The more direction you can give them, the better. I'm bossy!

Now for my favorite time of the day: food photos! Try to arrange your food neatly, and make sure everything is clean. Again, a bird's eye view is best. And if you can't fit it all in, there should always be a chair to stand on. If you happen to be at a nighttime dinner, oftentimes, the lighting just doesn't cut it. That's where your friends come in. Ask for some light and you shall recieve.

When taking scenery photos, I like to keep my horizons straight. Use your built-in grid feature to make sure your lines aren't crooked. Same applies for interior shots. Although it may sound obvious, make sure you're not taking a crooked photo.

What's Instagram without selfies?! Lighting is your absolute best friend, and I mean it. The best lighting for me is when I face the light directly, like natural light coming in from the window. For a soft hazy glow, you can try the direct opposite with the light behind you. Sometimes I feel awkward with a close-up selfie, so I'll have my phone further away, and include my necklace or accessories. Remember, moderation is key, so don't get carried away with too many selfies.
Instagram 沒有自拍照的話算什麼?!光線絕對是你的好朋友,我是認真的。對我來說最好的光線是我直接面對光源,像是從窗戶照進來的自然光。如果想要柔和朦朧的光線,妳可以試試看完全相反的拍法,讓光線背對你。有時候特寫自拍會讓我很尷尬,所以我會把我的手機拿遠一點,然後拍進我的項鍊或配件。記得,適度是關鍵,所以不要得意忘形拍太多自拍照。

I hope this video was helpful for you. Make sure to tag me at @songofstyle Instagram. And hashtag #sosinstatips so I can see how your photos turn out. And I'll shut up my face.
我希望這部影片對妳有幫助。一定要在 Instagram 上標記我 @songofstyle。然後要標上主題標籤 #sosinstatips,這樣我才能看到妳的照片拍得怎樣。然後我就會閉嘴了。




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