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「美版鄭多燕:十五分鐘雕塑臀部與大腿」- The Ultimate Hip, Bum, Thigh Workout!


Alright, so today's workout is all about the butt. This is the common problem area that I get a ton of questions about, especially from women, about their getting a better hip, bum, thighs, that whole derriere region. I put together this workout with three of my best butt exercises that's gonna totally tone, sculpt, and exhaust every muscle in that region. And don't think you need a lot of time to do it. This workout is only fifteen minutes, and three exercises. You're gonna do a certain number of reps in each exercise, and you're gonna do the circuit as many times as you can at fifteen minutes.

At the end of the circuit, write down how many times you're able to get it done. If you need to break, that's okay. The key is keep coming back to it, to improve it. And while you're doing it, put as much intensity as you can into it. You wanna maximize the time you do this. Don't waste your time.

Alright, let's get started. So number one, we're gonna start with lunges. So stepping lunges, or you can do walking lunges. So step forward, keep those abs tight, arms up, back straight.
Step, and you're gonna do fifty reps. So it's twenty-five on each leg. That's it, step. You wanna try to step to a ninety degree angle.

And then again, you can do walking lunges if you're in your yard, and you have a lot of space. That's it, step forward, and back. Try to keep those abs tight, back nice and straight up. So your torso is perpendicular to the ground. That's it. This works some of the biggest muscles in your body, so you're gonna get extra calorie burned here. That's it. And nice work!

So next exercise is squat. So we're gonna do fifty squats. So squat down, and up. Squat down, and up. You wanna go as low as you can to as high as you can. Low like you're sitting back in a chair. Squat low, bring it up. Squat low, bring it up. You, again, you wanna contract that core so you're nice and tight. And you're gonna start to really feel the burn. The slower you go, the more you feel the burn. That's it. Nice job, Gilly. Squat all the way down, and up. That's it. Looking good! And three more.

Two more, and one more, and back extensions, so you wanna come right on your bellies. You might want a yoga mat or towel for this if you're outside. And you're just gonna extend up, so lift your chest and lower, and lift, and lower. And if you want a little added advancement, you can lift your leg with your chest. Feet, and chest, up, and down. As high as you can, and back down. Up. Twenty-five reps, and again you're gonna complete this series as many times as you can in fifteen minutes. When you lift your toes, you're gonna really feel that in the glute muscles. That's right. Alright.

Alright, are your bums on fire? Yes, they feel tight. I like this though, because I don't normally work out, but I think this is something that I could do every day. Perfect! I'm excited. Yes! This is something we can do, and it only takes fifteen minutes.

Literally, if you want a workout scenario like that, you don't need more than fifteen minutes. You don't spend an hour in the gym working your bum. This is efficient, hit the target, and you'll be exhausted, and you should feel sore within twenty-four or forty-eight hours. Plus, it's like something we can take to the club, like, you know. Get low. Okay, it can help a lot of different kinds of activities.

So, that's it for this week. Thanks so much for joining me. Thank you so much, ladies. Thank you. I'm excited, yeah! She's amazing, Amanda Russell workouts, we love them! Thanks guys. Good bye!
所以,這禮拜就是這樣。非常感謝加入我們。非常感謝妳們,女士們。謝謝你。我很興奮,耶!她太棒了,Amanda Russell運動,我們愛它們!謝謝你們。再見!




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