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「拍拍刀廣告」- Vince with Slap Chop


Hi, it's Vince with Slap Chop. You're gonna be in a great mood all day, because I'm gonna be slapping your troubles away with the Slap Chop. Now look! Here's a potato. One slap: you got the big chunks for stews. Two slaps: home fries in a second. Look at this! When you add a mushroom, the more you do it, the finer you get. You don't have to switch any blades.

Now, you love salads; you hate making it. You know you hate making salad. That's why you don't have any salad in your diet. Watch this: one slap, Salad. I love pizza too, but once in a while, get the veggies in. At least throw them on top of the pizza. You're gonna change your eating habits: Soup, coleslaw, stuff you want. Five seconds! Four or five seconds it's done! This thing, this tuna, looks boring. Stop having a boring tuna; stop having a boring life. Add this tuna. Put it here like this. Now you're gonna have a nice tuna salad. Look at this! You're gonna have an exciting life now.

Look! Here is a hard-boiled egg. One chop, you add the pickle. You add the green onion. And what you can do? You can mix things together. You add the ham, and you're gonna love this. You don't have time to make breakfast? Breakfast to go!

You're gonna love my nuts! Watch this: Almonds, walnuts. Comes with a cover, so you can do everything in the cover. Alright, or you can do it on the board. Whatever you like! So easy! One finger! If I can do it with one finger, you guys can do it with your whole hand. Kids can do it. You know what they charge at the ice cream stores? A dollar for toppings at the ice cream stores! Add a couple of cookies if you want. You can make it for ten cents. Stop throwing your money away. You know, not only nuts. What about fruit? Put a mango. Look at it! Isn't that beautiful on your ice cream?

The reason you're gonna slap away every day is because it's so easy to clean. One! Two! And pops open like that, like a butterfly to clean! Now these other ones that you've seen in the stores: bacteria get in the food. All the stores have these. You can't clean it! You can't open this up! It's worthless. Forget about it! Now take the Slap Chop. Put it back together, and you get the garlic. Alright, here's the garlic with the skin. There you go: de-skinned garlic. You're gonna eat more garlic.

The onions with the skin, alright! This is making you cry and making me cry. Alright, life's hard enough as it is. You don't wanna cry anymore. Put the Slap Chop right there. The skin's at the bottom. And look at this! You want a little bit of onions. You don't wanna drag out the food processor. The skin comes right off! You see that? Alright, now, put a tomato in there. Add your cilantro, your hot peppers right there. You hit it like this. Guys, we're gonna make American skinny again. One slap at a time!

It's very quick. It's a time saver for recipes.

Take it apart. Washes. Put it in the drawer. Good to go!

It's easy. You just got one hand and chop.

Now here's the deal. When you buy this Slap Chop, we're gonna give you the Graty for cheese. White cheese, yellow cheese in the container! Comes with a twister. And watch this, tacos, fettuccine, linguini, martini, bikini. Look at that! Comes with two blades. Just bang it. Cheese comes right out. Fining course, Parmesan. Comes with a cover. Stay sealed. Put it in the fridge. Take it out when you need it. Pass it around the table. You're gonna love this thing.

The Slap Chop sells for $19.95. But if you call now, within the next twenty minutes (because you know we can't do this all day), you're gonna get the Graty absolutely free. So that's two for $19.95. The Slap Chop, with the Graty, here's how to order:
拍拍刀賣19.95美金。但如果你現在打電話,在接下來的二十分鐘之內 (因為你知道我們不能整天打折),你將得到磿磿擠,完全免費。所以那是兩件19.95美金。拍拍刀,加上磿磿擠,這是訂購辦法:

Call 1-800-951-7713. Call now when you get the Graty absolutely free with the Slap Chop. When you call, ask about our foldable cutting board. That's 1-800-951-7713. 1-800-951-7713. Call now!




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