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「唱出我的婚禮」- My Wedding Speech


Um...so um...Giovanna can tell you that um...the only nerves and anxiety I've had about the wedding has been about giving this speech. I absolutely hate public speaking. Uh...me and public speaking, we're just not compatible. We don't go together very well at all. Um...it's mainly because I don't have any idea how to write a good speech. Um...but I do know how to write a song. So...I hope this isn't cheating my layout or being too much.

Recently I've been having a wedding. I've married this girl, who's out of this world. Believe me. We are so grateful to so many people. But we're saying "Thank you!" to only a few. I'm sorry. So if I don't thank you, it means that I probably just forgot you. But obviously, that doesn't mean that we are not grateful. It's just I'm forgetful and, so I'm sorry if your name's not in this song.

Oh no... Here we go! Hope I don't get this wrong.

Hey! I'm saying thanks to my ushers, my manager, Angie's brother, there's so much that I could say. But I haven't got all day. So Mario thanks for making the suits us guys are all wearing, we're looking fine. And that is why I wrote this song to say... Thank you! Thank you for being my ushers. Thank you! Fletch you're awesome, the coolest guy. Thank you! Thank you for being my ushers. Guys I'm gonna tell you, you couldn't be better ushers unless you... are Usher!

Bridesmaid! I can't stop thanking you. You look amazing. I wish I could marry you, too. You all are so special to my new wife Gi, and you mean so much to me. Yes, you truly are the best bridesmaids that there's ever been. So "Thank you" is not good enough for Katy and Sovanna. You've been there when times are rough, so please don't go changing. So "Thank you" is not good enough for Lauren and Kara. You've put up with so much stuff, and so "Thank you" is not good enough.
伴娘!我無法停止感謝妳們。妳們看起來令人驚艷。我希望也可以把妳們娶回家。妳們對我的新嫁娘Gi來說都很特別,對我也意義非凡。是的,妳們真的是史上最棒的伴娘們。所以對Katy 和Sovanna來說,「謝謝你」還不夠好。困難時候妳們都在身邊,所以請不要改變。所以對Lauren和Kara來說,「謝謝你」還不夠好。妳們容忍了許多事物,所以「謝謝你」還不夠好。

Giorgina, you're now my sister in-law. But Giorgina, you were like a sister before. You're truly a friend, and that means a lot. Because it's pretty cool that my sister in-law is so hot. So "Thank you" is not good enough. Carrie you've done so much. I can't believe you're so grown-up, so please don't go changing. "Thank you" is not good enough for singing as we tie the knot. So Carrie and Giorgina, "Thank you" is not good enough.

Thanks to my best men. You are the best friends that I know I will ever have. You're more like brothers, and sometimes lovers, but we won't tell them about that. We've been together for what feels like forever. But I'd do it all again and again. But we're only getting started, and I know McFly will never end. So let's start with Harry. You've been there for me through all the good times and the bad. Dougie without you, I don't know what I'd do, but I know my life would be sad. Thank you Danny for making me happy by thinking eggs are vegetables. Because things like that remind me how lost I would be without you all. Thank you, boys!

Thanks to my mom. Thanks to my dad. You've both been the best mom and dad I could have. I won't say too much, because I know you'll start crying. You gave me everything, from music to flying. I'll be nothing without you. So hope I've made you proud. You've given me an amazing life, and the groom never lies.

Thanks to Gi's mom. Thanks to Gi's dad. Kim's profiteroles are the best that I've had. I hope that one day, we'll have a son or a daughter. Because Gi will be a great mom with the things you've taught her. So Kim thanks for being the best mom in-law in town. And just look into my eyes, because the groom never lies.

Mario! Mario! You've made me part of your family. You deserve a medallion. Because I know only how to swear in Italian. But I love your daughter, and you let me make her my wife. So I'll love her for all my life, and the groom never lies. He cries. Thank you Mario.

Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew. But today you made me smile by saying "I do." Then I whispered in your ears, and I said "Thank you." You have made my life worthwhile by saying I do. And I would answer all your wishes. Don't need to ask me to. And if you deny me one of your kisses, I won't divorce you.

So here's my speech or really it's just a song or two. And this one should make you smile. It's all about you. It's all about you. It's all about you baby. It's all about you. It's all about you baby.

And I would wash up all the dishes if you asked me to. And I'd even dry and put them away because, that's what husbands do. So hold me close and say three words like you used to do. Dancing on the kitchen tiles. Yes, you make my life worthwhile. So I told you with a smile. And I would answer all your wishes if you asked me to. But if you deny me one of your kisses, don't know what I do.

So here's a toast, please raise your glasses and champagne flutes. It's to my beautiful wife from today through all my life, especially on our wedding night.

It's all about you.
It's all about you baby.
It's all about you. It's all about you baby.
It's all about you. It's all about you baby.
It's all about you.

Everybody, give it up to the Sylvia Young Theatre School choir.
大家給Sylvia Young戲劇學校合唱團掌聲鼓勵。

  • 「忍受、容忍」- Put Up With

    You've "put up with" so much stuff, and so "Thank you" is not good enough.





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