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「【真實故事】一位痛失兒子的母親在多年後與兇手見面,她竟然選擇...」- Meeting with Her Son's Killer Led to Something More Than Forgiveness


One night, sixteen-year-old Oshea Israel got into a fight at a party. It ended when he shot and killed Laramiun Byrd, the only child of Mary Johnson. Eleven years after the trial, Mary spoke to Oshea face to face.
某個夜晚,十六歲的 Oshea Israel 在派對上捲進一場爭鬥。最後他開槍射死 Laramiun Byrd,Mary Johnson 唯一的兒子。審判結束的十一年後,Mary 和 Oshea 面對面談話。

You and I met at Stillwater Prison. I wanted to know if you were in the same mindset of what I remember from court, where I wanted to go over and hurt you. But you were not that 16-year-old. You were a grown man. I shared with you about my son.

And, he became human to me, you know. When I met you, it was like, okay, this guy is real. And then, when it was time to go, you broke down and started shedding tears. And the initial thing to do was just try to hold you up as best I can. Just hug you like I would my own mother, you know.

After you left the room, I began to say, "I just hugged the man that murdered my son." And I instantly knew that all that anger and animosity, all the stuff I had in my heart for 12 years for you, I knew it was over...that I had totally forgiven you.

As far as receiving forgiveness from you, sometimes I still don't know how to take it, because I haven't totally forgiven myself yet. It's something that I'm learning from you. I won't say that I have learned yet because it's still a process that I'm going through.

I treat you as I would treat my son. And our relationship is beyond belief. We live next door to one another.

Yeah, so you could see what I'm doing. You know, firsthand. We actually bump into each other all the time, leaving in and out of the house. You know, our conversations, they come from, "Boy, how come you ain't called over here to check on me in a couple of days?" "You ain't even asked me if I need my garbage to go out." I find those things funny because it's a relationship with a mother for real.

Well...my natural son is no longer here. I didn't see him graduate. Now you're going to college. I'll have the opportunity to see you graduate. I didn't see him getting married. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to experience that with you.

And just to hear you say those things and to be in my life in a manner in which you are is my motivation. It motivates me to make sure that I stay on the right path. You still believe in me. And the fact that you can do it despite how much pain I caused you, it's amazing.

I know it's not an easy thing. You know, to be able to share our story together, even with us sitting here looking at each other right now, I know it's not an easy thing. So I admire that you can do this.

I love you, lady.

I love you, too, son.




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