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「偷偷這樣做,聰明提升生產力」- The Secrets of Being Productive


How can you be more productive?

Top 5 Tips for Daily Efficiency

Here's my five tips for becoming instantly more productive.

Tip number 1: When you're on your way to work in the morning, picture your day. Build a mental model of what's gonna happen throughout the rest of the day by telling yourself a story of what you expect to occur. That will make you more sensitive to paying attention to the right things and ignoring the things that you don't need to.

Tip number 2: Look for choices that make you feel in control because that will generate self-motivation. For instance, when you're replying to emails, start each email just by typing a sentence, any sentence at all, that asserts that you're in charge. By deciding where you wanna have lunch or by saying yes or no, anything that makes you feel in control will make it easier to get all those emails done.

Tip number 3: When you're writing a to-do list, always start by putting at the top of your to-do list some big, overarching stretch goal, some ambition that will remind you of what to do next, but then underneath, create a subgoal that's a smart goal, something that's specific and measurable, achievable, realistic, that has a timeline, because that's gonna give you your plan. It's gonna tell you what your first step is. And once you have a first step, it's much, much easier to get through everything else on your list.

Tip number 4: When you're in a meeting today, try and just on a pad of paper, keep track of who's spoken and how often they have. You wanna try and get psychological safety in a team to make it effective, and one of the key ingredients of that is, does everyone get a chance to speak up in roughly equal proportion? It's hard to keep track of who's talked and who hasn't. So, when a meeting starts, just make a quick list of who's in the room, and as each person talks, just check them off. And by the end of the meeting, you'll know, do you have psychological safety, do you have equality in conversational turn-taking? And if so, your team will be much more effective.
第四招:當你今天在開會時,試著在簿子上記錄誰發言過以及他們的發言頻率。你要試著在團隊中獲得心理安全感來讓團隊更有效率,而那其中一個要素是,每個人說話的機會是否幾乎相同?要記得誰說過話而誰還沒並不容易。 所以,在會議開始時,快速列一下在場有誰,然後當每個人說話時,就把他們劃掉。在會議結束時你就會知道,你是否獲得心理安全感、發言機會是否公平?如果有的話,你的團隊就會更有效率。

Tip number 5: When you encounter a new fact or lesson or something that you wanna remember today, force yourself to turn to someone else and explain it to them. Now, that's not for their benefit; it's for yours, because research shows that when we force ourselves to vocalize what we just learned and explain it to someone else, we're much more likely to remember it over the long term. Information becomes stickier when we have to interact and use it.




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