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「點餐好怕怕~免驚!這樣說就對了」- 4 Ways to Order at a Restaurant


Hey, guys! I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on four ways to order at a restaurant. Now, those of you who are visiting English-speaking countries will find this lesson very useful as these are the most common ways that you will order food anywhere, whether it's McDonald's, or a fast-food place, or a sit-down restaurant. These expressions are very common and very useful.
嘿,大家!我是 Alex。謝謝你點進來,歡迎收看餐廳點餐的四種方法的教學。現在,你們之中要拜訪英語系國家的那些人會發現這堂課非常實用,因為這些是你在任何地方點餐最常見的方式,無論是麥當勞還是速食店,還是坐著好好用餐的餐廳。這些說法非常普遍且實用。

So, the first one we have is "Can/Could I have/get...?" So, for example, you might ask me what's the difference between "could" and "can." Simply put, "could" is a little more polite. So, if you go to a restaurant, a fast-food restaurant, and you're looking at the menu, and you say, "Okay... Okay. Could I get a hamburger and fries, please?" Okay? So you're being very polite there. Now, you can also say, "Could I have...?" Again, "Could I get...?" "Could I have...?" You can also say, "Can I get...?" or "Can I have...?" Okay, so this is one way.
所以,我們的第一個說法是「Can/Could I have/get...?(可以給我...嗎?)」那,舉例來說,你可能會問我 could 和 can 有什麼差別。簡單地說,could 稍微客氣些。所以,如果你去到一間餐廳,一間速食餐廳,然後你看著菜單,接著你說:「嗯...好。可以麻煩你給我一份漢堡和薯條嗎?」好嗎?所以你正表現得非常有禮貌。現在,你也可以說:「Could I have...?」再一次,「Could I get...?」、「Could I have...?」你也可以說:「Can I get...?」或「Can I have...?」好,這是一種方法。

Here we have "I will have...," "I will get...," "I will take...." So the first one, it's a request, it's a question; it's polite. This one is a little more direct. Okay? So you can say, "I will have...." Okay, "I will have...," "I will take...," "I will get...." You can use any one of these three verbs. And, again, the person who is serving you will clearly understand your message. Okay?
我們在這有「I will have...」、「I will get...」、「I will take...」(我要點...)。那麼第一種說法,它是個要求、是個疑問;它很客氣。這一個稍微直接點。好嗎?所以你可以說:「I will have...」。好的,「I will have...」、「I will take...」、「I will get...」。你可以用這三個動詞中任何一個。而且,替你服務的人會清楚了解你的話。好嗎?

Finally—not finally—next, "I want...." All right? This just means "I desire...," "I would like...," which is the most polite way of saying this. "I want" means "Give this to me." All right? So, "I want a coffee," "I want a medium coffee, please," for example.
最後--不是最後--下一個,「I want...(我想要...)」好嗎?這只是表示「I desire...(我想要)」、「I would like...(我想要...)」,「I would like...」是最有禮貌的說法。「I want」的意思就是「給我這個」。了解嗎?所以,舉例來說,「我想要一杯咖啡」、「請給我一杯中杯咖啡」。

And finally, "I would like...," "would like" being the most polite way to ask for something when you're ordering food at a restaurant. So, you can say, "I would like an orange juice." So, if your waiter, your waitress, your server asks you, "What would you like to drink?"—"I would like an orange juice."
最後,「I would like...(我想要...)」,「would like」是要求某樣東西最有禮貌的說法,當你在餐廳點餐時。所以,你可以說:「我想要一杯柳橙汁。」那麼,如果你的服務生、女服務生、服務你的人問你:「您想要喝什麼呢?」--可以回:「我想要一杯柳橙汁。」

Now, those of you who know a little bit about contractions in English, you can also contract "I would" to "I'd." All right. So, instead of being very, very formal and saying, "I would like an orange juice, please," you can say, "I'd like." All right? "I'd like." We'll just make that a little stronger because it's difficult to see. There we go.
現在,你們之中懂一點英文縮寫的人,你也可以把「I would」縮寫成「I'd」。好。那麼,與其非常、非常正式然後說:「I would like an orange juice, please.(請給我一杯柳橙汁)」,你也可以說:「I'd like」。好嗎?「I'd like」。因為看不太清楚,我們來把字寫深點。好了。

Okay! So, guys, these are four very common ways to order food at a restaurant. When you go up to the counter, please speak with confidence, okay? It's all in how you present yourself to the people there. So, "Can I have...?" "Can I get...?" "Could I have...?" "Could I get...?" "I will have...," "I will get...," "I will take...," "I want...," "I would like...," "I'd like...." All right?
好!所以,大夥兒,這些就是在餐廳點餐非常常見的四種方法。在你走到櫃檯時,請有自信地說,好嗎?這全在於你如何向人們表達自己。所以,「Can I have...?」、「Can I get...?」、「Could I have...?」、「Could I get...?」、「I will have...」、「I will get...」、「I will take...」、「I want...」、「I would like...」、「I'd like...」。好嗎?

So next time you go to a restaurant and it's an English-speaking restaurant, practice these phrases. And if you want to further test your understanding, please check out the quiz on engvid.com. Take care, guys! And good luck.
所以下次你去到一間餐廳,而且是間說英文的餐廳,練習一下這些說法。如果你想要更進一步測試自己的理解力,請看看 engvid.com 上的小測驗。大夥兒保重!祝你們好運。




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