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「關於鐵達尼號,你可能不知道的五件事」- Top-Five Strange Facts about the Titanic


Hey, YouTube! Welcome to the MostAmazingTop5, where I break down the world into brilliant top-five lists. My name is Michael McCrudden. Sit back, subscribe, and let me entertain you.
嘿,YouTube!歡迎收看《五大不思議》,我在節目中會將這世界變成超酷的五大不思議列表來講。我是 Michael McCrudden。舒服地坐好、訂閱這頻道,然後讓我來娛樂你們吧。

First off, I want to hear from you guys. Have any of you seen the film the Titanic? I know—who hasn't? What's your favorite line from that movie? "I'm the king of the world!"
Everyone knows that one. How about "My fiance! My fiance!"; then he gets, like, so uptight? That's my favorite. Let me know your favorite line from the film or moment in the comments down below. Now, let's jump into our list.

Top-Five Strange Facts about the Titanic

First up in the number five spot—the cost of the feature film. It was more than the original ship itself. In 1912 when the Titanic set sail, it was the world's largest man-moving object. The ship's interior was inspired by those at the Ritz Hotel in London. On board, there was a gym, a pool, a Turkish bath, and a squash court. It even had its own board newspaper: The Atlantic Daily Bulletin. Yeah, that's how big this thing was! It had its own newspaper in circulation with workers! That's huge. The ship cost 7.5 million, which is the equivalent to 174 million dollars today. And as for the film, well, that thing cost 200 million dollars to put together. But it was well worth it, because it grossed over two billion dollars and it won 11 Oscars.
首先在第五名的位子--電影成本。那比原本的船本身還貴。1912 年鐵達尼號出航時,它是全世界最大的人造移動物體。船體內部的靈感來自倫敦麗池酒店的裝潢。船上設有健身房、游泳池、土耳其浴室,還有一個壁球場。甚至船上還有自己的報紙:大西洋日報。沒錯,這玩意就是這麼大!它有人員發行自己專屬的報紙。那很不得了。這艘船斥資七百五十萬美金,相當於現在的一億七千四百萬美金。至於電影,這個嘛,電影耗資兩億美金完成。但那很值得,因為電影賺進超過二十億美元,而且抱回十一項奧斯卡大獎。

Moving on to the number four spot. This is the only ship in history to be taken down by an iceberg. The iceberg that sunk the Titanic is estimated to have begun its journey in the sea around 1000 B.C. The iceberg was spotted at 11:40 p.m. on April 14, 1912 by lookout Frederick Fleet, who proclaimed, "Iceberg, right ahead!" Fleet ended up surviving the disaster, and pranksters placed a pair of binoculars on his grave in 2012 with a note "Sorry, these are 100 years too late."
來看第四名。這是歷史上唯一一艘因冰山沉沒的船。讓鐵達尼號沉沒的冰山據估計是在約西元前一千年開始它的海洋之旅。冰山在 1912 年 4 月 14 日晚間 11 點 40 分被瞭望員 Frederick Fleet 發現,他通告:「前方有冰山!」Fleet 最後在這場災難中倖存,而有些愛開玩笑的人在 2012 年時擺了一副雙筒望遠鏡在他的墳上,還有一張寫著「抱歉,這些遲到了一百年」的紙條。

In the number three spot, what remains of the ship, it will soon be gone. It took 73 years to find the wreckage of the Titanic. Well, that really put into perspective for me why Rose was so old, like, when they took her back there. Hmm, makes sense. Seventy-three years?! Holy cow! The wreck of the Titanic was discovered in 1985 and lies 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, around 12,500 feet below the surface. There used to be a marine dive specialist company that offered trips to the wreck costing 60,000 dollars, but they stopped the operation in 2012. Why? Well, people kept coming up from the water being like, "You told us Leonardo DiCaprio would be down there! You lied to us!"
第三名,船的殘骸不久後就會消失。搜尋鐵達尼號的殘骸花了七十三年的時間。嗯,那真的幫我解答了為什麼他們帶蘿絲回那裡時她那麼老。嗯,很合理。七十三年?!我的老天鵝!鐵達尼號的殘骸在 1985 年被發現,埋葬在離紐芬蘭海岸三百七十英里遠,約海平面以下一萬兩千五百英尺深的地方。以前本來有個潛水專門公司提供要價六萬美金的鐵達尼號殘骸之旅,但他們在 2012 年停止營運。為什麼呢?這個嘛,人們從水裡上來的時候一直這樣反應:「你跟我們說李奧納多會在那下面的!你騙人!」

In the number two spot, we have a story about the head baker. This guy was a hell of a drunk and a hell of a swimmer. Charles Joughin, the ship's baker, reportedly treaded water for two hours before being rescued with little ill effects. He reported that he didn't even feel the cold due to the fact he had drank a whole lot of whisky while the ship was going down. That is, like, a guy who doesn't give a f***! Surprisingly, this character didn't make it into James Cameron's film. Could you imagine that? Everyone's screaming for their lives, and he's like, "Party!" And then they see him, like, on the dock the next day, and he's like, "Whoa! What a rush!"
在第二名的位子,我們有個關於首席烘焙師的故事。這傢伙是個大酒鬼和游泳高手。Charles Joughin,船上的烘焙師傅,據說被救起來前在水中踩水踩了兩個小時,身體還沒什麼大礙。他說他根本連冷都沒感覺到,因為船下沉時他灌了一堆威士忌。那真是個什麼都沒在怕的傢伙!令人驚訝地是,這個角色沒能出現在 James Cameron 的電影中。你能想像嗎?大家都在大叫救命時,他就在那:「趴踢時間到!」然後隔天大家在碼頭看到他時,他就在那說:「哇賽!有夠勁爆的!」

In the number one spot, we have another survivor, who should have stayed on the boat, apparently. Masabumi Hosono was a Japanese civil servant. He was the only Japanese passenger on the RMS Titanic. He survived the ship's sinking but found himself condemned and ostracized by the Japanese public. The press and the government, no one wanted anything to do with him. They painted a picture of him as a villain because he decided to save himself rather than go down with the ship. He returned to Japan on a boat. That alone there, that makes this guy, like, the bravest person on planet Earth. But when he got there, they all called him a coward. He couldn't find work, he couldn't find a place to live, he had to leave, and again, via boat.

Okay, guys, that's all I got for you today. My name's Michael McCrudden. Thanks for watching the MostAmazingTop5.
好了,大夥們,我今天要講的就是這些。我是 Michael McCrudden。謝謝收看《五大不思議》。

  • 「首先」- First Off

    First off, I want to hear from you guys. Have any of you seen the film the Titanic?

  • 「至於、說到」- As For

    And as for the film, well, that thing cost 200 million dollars to put together.

  • 「很值得」- Worth It

    But it was well worth it, because it grossed over two billion dollars and it won 11 Oscars.

  • 「極度的、極好的、極壞的」- A Hell Of A

    This guy was a hell of a drunk and a hell of a swimmer.




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